Love on the Rocks

For our second wedding anniversary last month, I thought it would a fun idea to leave the city and go on a hike ("I'm not like other wives, I'm a cool wife!"). I *think* I'm ready to talk about it...

Hike: (verb) a long walk, especially in the country or wilderness. FUN!! I geared up in my cutest out-doorsey outfit (complete with Chuck Taylors) and I was ready to head north for our wooded wilderness walk!

Monadnock State Park in New Hampshire came recommend as a good beginners hike. I now strongly believe that when Robert Frost was in the woods deciding which road to travel, he was not on Mount Madadnock- 'cause he would have turned around, got back in his car and went home. That would have made all the difference.

What Merriam Webster did not mention in the definition of "hike" was a steep, slippery, 2.5 mile uphill, rock climbing, complete with 30 degree blustering winds at the peak. Previous mountain peaks I've topped have included a chairlift.  I had a lot of time to reflect and ask some important questions throughout our 4 hour journey, "Why is this a thing people enjoy?" "When does this ever end?" "How is this fun for anyone?!" "Whos F#$%ing idea was this?!!"

Suffice it to say, this activity was not my cup of tea. Alas, every cup of tea must be finished. Despite every aching bone in my body, I did it. Was I proud of myself? Meh. I was mostly proud I didn't die. Besides, I am pretty sure my behavior cancelled out my achievement.

Afterwards, an hour of silence followed by 4 glasses of wine (some call it a bottle), I was able to enjoy the rest of our weekend relaxing at the lovely Benjamin Prescott Inn, where a couple of therapy horses were also residing. I tried to tell them about my problems, but mostly they just wanted carrots.

Although I may not be cut out for hiking, I think I've earned my photography badge! There is a positive ending this not-so-happy trail tale: My loving, patient, forgiving husband actually wants stay married to me...<3



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