San Francisco

I KNOW I keep saying it, but WHAT a year it's been!! Over Columbus day weekend we headed west to be a part of the #BenBurkewed, a most beautiful day filled with all things color! and creativity! and happiness! and sunshine! and music! and (happy) tears... lots of tears. This was my second time to the City by the Bay, (the first time we visited Micaela and Ben was the day my husband Tim proposed in 2012), so it was very special for us to return for THEIR wedding. It doesn't cease to amaze me just how much sensory is going on at once in San Francisco, there is a photo-op everywhere you turn! What an amazing place for a talented photographer and his beautiful bride to live "hippily" ever after. Here's wishing a lifetime of peace, love and happiness to our friends Micaela and Ben Wallen